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05 February 2009 @ 11:17 pm
" i don't think humans are meant to be trusted. like our inherent nature makes it just a bad idea, our self-centeredness, selfishness and insecurities make us ultimately unreliable creatures. "

this is the truest thing ever.
25 October 2008 @ 08:43 pm
Long-ish Shuffle Survey.

Song Number One.
Title:: Who I am Hates Who I've Been [ Acoustic ]
Artist:: Relient K
Favorite lyric of the song:: who i am hates who i've been.. aha
What color does this song remind you of?:: light blue.. like clouds-ish
Who does this song remind you of?:: idk no one.
Name a random memory with the song:: i don't have any.
Have you ever seen this band live? Did they sound the same?:: no, i wanted to at warped this summer, but i didn't get to.
Song Number Two.
Title:: 1234
Artist:: feist
Chorus:: oh, oh, youre changing you're heart, oh, oh you know who you are.
What season does the song remind you of?:: spring!
Have you ever danced to the song?:: maybe like waddled.
Who would you dedicate this to?:: carolyn.
Was this song in a movie? If so, what one?:: i think it was in ps, i love you. which was a cute movie, but a weird concept.
Song Number Three.
Title:: sunday morning
Artist:: maroon 5
Last line of the song:: 'a flower in your hair' trailing off into sounds..
What feeling do you get from the song?:: it remind me of hardwood floors and nice apartments and being in my twenties and sex after waking up.
Describe this song in one word:: sexy.
Do any of your friends like this band?:: yes. jessica and pat. plus everyone that has a brain.
What does the cover of the album look like?: a drawn figure of a naked women wrapped in vines
Song Number Four.
Title:: big shot
Artist:: billy joel
What is the 21st word in the song?:: that took me a while. it's either 'and' or 'hand'
Is this song well known?:: yes.
Have you had this song as a ringtone? If not, would you?:: no, but it would be a lovely song.
Does this song remind you of the guy/girl you like?:: of my patty? no.
If you had to make a screen name from this song, what would you make it?:: ONEHITHONEY
Song Number Five.
Title:: LAX
Artist:: BiG D
What is the first line of the song?:: hey elitists from LA, Los Angles.
What type of weather does this remind you of?:: summer. summer and tar pavement.
If there is a music video for the song, what is it about?:: there is, but i have not seen it.
Is this a fast or slow song?:: fast.
What is the song about?: it's about rich spoiled kids and how badly they suck
Song Number Six.
Title:: straight up (paula abdul cover)
Artist:: halifax
Would you play this song at your wedding?:: hahaha nonono.
Does this song get stuck in your head a lot?:: YES. it really does.
Would your parents like this song?:: probably the paula abdul version. i doubt this one.
How did you find out about this band/artist?:: um idk through other bands i think? perhaps online?
Song Number Seven.
Title:: sweat the battle before the battles sweats you
Artist:: cute is what we aim for
Would you listen to this song when you're in a bad mood?:: yeaah, it is great for that.
What album is this from?:: the same old blood rush with a new touch.
Is this one of your favorite songs?:: no, but i like it a lot.
Have you ever blasted this song in your house/car/etc?:: yup.
What does this song make you think about?:: actually, it kind of reminds me of alice and wonderland.
Song Number Eight.
Title:: permanent
Artist:: acceptance
Would you want to have this played at your funeral?:: i don't think it would be the right occasion.
How many CDs by this band/artist do you own?:: i have this whole album on my itunes, but that is all. and i didn't purchase it. =/
Do you prefer the songs lyrics or music?:: the music, i think.
Would you recommend this song to your friends?:: i guess so. all they're songs sound the same so i guess i would recommend them as a whole.
Name three other songs by this artist:: i don't even know if i can off the top of my head, even though i listen to them all the time. in too far, breathless, gloria/us appearing. i had to look =[
Song Number Nine.
Title:: miss new booty
Artist:: bubba sparxxx
Does this song remind you of death?:: in a way.
Name a point in time where this song would have fit your mood perfectly:: during the times when i'm black..
Has this song or is this song overplayed?:: YES. playing this song once is overplaying it.
Is this more of a "daytime" or "nighttime" song?:: nighttime, goin to da cluuub, obv.
Do you know all the words to this song?:: no siir.
Song Number Ten.
Title:: one sweet love
Artist:: sara bareilles
Do you have any posters of this band/artist in your room?:: no. i don't know that i would want one of her.
Have you ever listened to this song on repeat for an extended period of tim: not this particular song.
What genre is this?:: um i'm not sure. like that acoustic pretty singing genre. maybe adult alternative. along with jack johnson and ingrid michaelson.
Is this song better to listen to alone or with friends?:: alone.
How long is this song?:: 3 minutes and 57 seconds.
Song Number Eleven.
Title:: maneater
Artist:: nelly furtado
Is this a sexual song?:: yup.
How long has this band/artist been around?:: like 5 or 6 years. but there was like a 3 year period where she was mia.
Does this song swear a lot?:: is nympho a swear?
What's this song about?:: girls who take advamtage of boys and then walk all over them. story of my life?
How many syllables is the song title?:: three. ?
Song Number Twelve.
Title:: 9mm and a Three Piece Suit
Artist:: Catch 22/ Early Streetlight Manifesto
Is this your favorite song by this band/artist? If not, what is?:: by catch 22, yeah, it is.
What year was this song released?:: 1998. i had to just look that up.
Who would you dedicate this to?:: my boy.
What month does this remind you of?:: may. or july.
Is this a song you could mosh to?:: yeah, but skanking would be more appropriate.
Song Number Thirteen.
Title:: pieces
Artist:: rascal flatts
What movie does this song remind you of?:: walk to remember. i'm not sure why.
Take out all the vowels in the title. Make an acronym of what's left:: pcs. public code of service.
Read your horoscope. Does this song relate to what yours says?:: why the hell am i taking this survey.
What is your favorite lyric from the song?:: i love it when you're here, but i'm better when you're gone.
Who do you know that also likes this song?:: i don't, actually.
Song Number Fourteen.
Title:: it's over
Artist:: jesse mccartney
At what time does the chorus come in?:: around a minute.
How long have you been listening to this band/artist?:: since i was like eight.
What part of nature does this remind you of?:: the sad parts. the ones that you know are there, but you try to ignore.
Does this song make you cry?:: yes.
Would you play this on a date with a guy/girl?:: not unless i was a dumb hoe.
Song Number Fifteen.
Title:: flathead
Artist:: the fratellis
How many times is the song title sung?:: i think only once.
What animal does this remind you of?:: a donkey. hahah
Close your eyes and think of a random number to go with this song:: 13. and 21. they both came to me.
Who does this song remind you of?:: becca kan! the stripper!
What holiday does this remind you of?:: if i had to pick.. veterans day or something
Final Questions.
Which of these songs was your favorite?:: 9 mm and a Three Piece Suit, i guess
And least favorite?:: maneater
Did any of these songs come up and you thought "how'd this get on here?":: no, not really.
Sorry, I need to waste space. What's your name?:: Jean Claude.. i lied. that's not my real name.
And how old are you?:: 17. that was the truth.
Was this survey decent?:: eh, i spose.
I hate it when surveys ask that; it's not like I can see what you wrote:: vzah.
Back to space wasting questions! Where are you from?:: the mooon.
What time is it?:: 8:43
You don't care. This survey's over. Bye:: unnecessary.

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Brought to you by Bzoink
09 October 2008 @ 05:16 pm
i broke up with my boyfriend.

peace, at last.

17 September 2008 @ 04:22 pm
some confessions:

1. i really like plucking hairs and tweezing and popping ..blemishes and other slightly gross body-related things. i really think it is great.

2. i am attracted to fat people. i actually would say "big." like husky. but also kinda fat.

i have a zooopa crush on some boy who is apparently a huge womanizer. haha, i love it.
16 September 2008 @ 09:30 pm
i know this couple who has been going out for at least three years and as of yesterday, they broke up. and for some reason, it makes me feel really bad and uncomfortable. like horrible. i kind of feel like my parents got divorced. i guess they were like a constant of idealistic romance and whatnot, and they kinda made me feel like it was possible to love someone forever. i know three years isn't that long, but they were really like.. in love. until now, apparently.
i just feel a little crushed on the inside.
25 August 2008 @ 10:28 pm
Ask me one question about each of the following, no matter how personal.

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. LiveJournal

Then post this in your journal to see what others ask you! Have fun with it!
23 August 2008 @ 03:54 pm
so i finally went to that concert last night. the boys like girls one.
we drove an hour to providence to see it, only because we missed the one last week in boston. we nearly died in the car.
it was a little bit of as loss. mostly because they played with good charlotte... FAIL. i don't know why they think it is okay to exist. they are the epitome of SUCK. and joel madden just like talked in some phone-sex voice the whole time about his homo life. but i danced nonetheless.. i do like that dance-anthem song. haha.
blg was good. really good. martin is sex. my friend's sister hooked up with him. i'm incredibly jealous. there were so many little girls there. like 14yearsold, who legit brought their parents. that kind of upset me. me and jessica felt ginormous.
AND some ridiculous girl punched me in the side because i wouldn't let go by me. and so i like twisted her wrist in revenge and then she PINCHED ME. WTF. she pinched me in anger! i was appalled, but also kind of laughed.
and there was this couple standing next to us who was practically making love. they were making out and groping each other and then the girl [ who was wearing a mini-skirt, knee high socks and black stillettos?] knelt on the floor to pick something up and her boyfriend smacked her ass like 5 times. hahahaha.
but it was fun, overall. i'm glad i saw j-baby. why did i just call her that? idk...

oh, i also finished work yesterday. at long last. that was nice. and they had a cake! except not for me, for some woman carol. but i pretended it was for me.

my body feels like spaghetti ! spaaaaaagheeeeeeettiiiiiiiiii.
20 August 2008 @ 11:07 pm
today was such a good day.

work was easy.




chipotles. i finally went. it was aMAZing. if there was ever a burrito to cause orgasms, it would be made at chipotles. plus they're all like "hey, recycling and we-kill-animals-better-than-kfc."

then we both applied to work at movie stop. not that i want to, but they were in desperate need of people. so it seemed, at least. and the assistant manager there was so chill. this girl, shannon, who was probably only a little older and like.. swore. hahah. it caught me off guard that she swore excessively at work. hopefully we both get hired. but if it comes down to it, i hope 'tis me. oh, boo, i'm a bitch. but i really needs a job.
then stop and shop. always fun. we sat on the floor and read this baby puzzle book about animals that was actually really hard. what the hell is an uta lizard?!

hahah i just looked it up on google and the only picture result was a picture of the book! hahaha, that is comedy.

so the uta lizard does not exist.

i love demi. i always seem to forget how much i love her. we have been best friends since third grade. and no matter how long we go without talking we are as close as ever when see each other. i really like our friendship. she is almost like a sister. we fight and we don't always wanna hang out together and we go about our own lives a lot, but we are always there for each and we love each other to the moon and back. =] that makes me smile.
Current Music: Flat on the Floor - Carrie Underwood.
19 August 2008 @ 04:00 pm
oh, it was horrible. i was going by jimmy's shop and i turned my head to look for him and all of the sudden i slammed into the back of some truck. it made a huge thud and i lost a mirror plus smashed in the whole side of my car. it was so scary. it's gonna be between $750 - $1500 to fix it, aka everything i own. plus i'm afraid if billy sees it he's gonna completely flip the shit and kill me. shit. just, shit.
18 August 2008 @ 03:11 am
It's 3:11 PM.

why the hell am i awake?

ps, pt is now douche-status.